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Jeffrey Epstein’s Legal Immunity: Maybe It’s Politics

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Jeffrey Epstein has some powerful friends but it seems he’s made some pretty vocal enemies as well. Last night Bill O’Reilly apparently delivered his “Memo” on the subject of the Epstein prosecution—charging prosecutor Krischer with political bias. The gist of it is that Krischer was the prosecutor responsible for bringing charges of drug abuse against Rush Limbaugh, but now seems to be going easy on Epstein. You get the picture—tough on Republicans, easy on Democrats. Here's O'Reilly on the Epstein situation.

Politics does play a role in local prosecutions, no question about it. And when you examine how much time and effort state attorney Krischer put into trying to ruin Rush Limbaugh as opposed to what he's doing now in the far more serious case of Jeffrey Epstein? Many, many questions come to mind and none of those questions reflect well on Barry Krischer.

Ugh. We hope this isn’t what is going on. There’s nothing more boring than a debate about political biases.
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