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Ken Lay: Forget Options Timing, How About Death Timing?

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It seems it’s not just DealBreaker’s Bess Levin who is convinced Ken Lay lives. The analysts Long and Short Capital today gave the theory it’s official rating.

So if you are convicted of the largest financial fraud in history, but die in between conviction and sentencing, the conviction will be vacated by the Gov? And your assets are now fully unemcumbered by any legal claim? So Ken Lay died at the time at which it could confer maximum possible benefit to his name and to his family? I won’t even ask what happens if he turns up on a golf course in his Tommy Bahamas shirt in 2 years because double indeminity will prevent him from being charged again, a free man with millions holed away around the world…
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We Reiterate Our Long Position on Ken Lay’s Life