Let's Give It Up For MotherRock

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The name MotherRock sounds to us like a 90's alt-rock band, or maybe a late night show on MTV (again, 90's). It's also the name of a now-defunct hedge fund with an awful record of trading natural gas:

Collins formed MotherRock in early 2005. At its peak, the fund managed about $430 million in assets and reported net gains of 20% for 2005. Although its energy fund was up slightly as of the end of May, that MotherRock fund lost $230 million as investors fled and the natural gas prices moved contrary to MotherRock's positions. After an unusually high draw in natural gas from storage last week and a a heat wave across much of the country, natural gas prices rose 17% during the week of July 24 and 14% this past Monday. Guess which way MotherRock was betting prices would go?

Yet another victim of the heat wave.
MotherRock's bad bet [Houston's Clear Thinkers]