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Lucy Gao's Email Hits the Papers

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Well, we tried. Yesterday when we posted the email from the Citigroup control-freak intern, we redacted her last name. But now it's all over the British press so there is no use pretending: Lucy Gao. The papers are having fun with her and actually displaying a bit of sympathy for the poor lass. She didn't ask to be a crazy person. She can't help herself.
Below is the Telegraph's Times' take on the Gao incident. It seems fair enough except for one thing--Lucy Gao, if you are out there, please ignore the Times. Call us instead. Or email. We would love, love, love to speak to you.

LUCY GAO, wherever you are, call. No one is angry. We’re just all laughing at you. She is a young — oh, is she young — intern at Citigroup who has enlivened the dog days of August in the City.
Her stupid e-mail, detailing the plans for her 21st birthday party last Friday, is doing the rounds of City banks, with appropriately derisive comments. Lucy is something of a control freak, and her friends are instructed to arrived in groups at properly staggered 15-minute intervals to ensure sufficient face time with the princess.
They are given a strict script to adhere to on arrival. “When asked, how can I help you Sir/Madam, you reply, I am here for Lucy’s birthday party at the Rivoli Bar.” Dress smart — “the more upper-class you dress, the less likely you shall be denied entry”.
Any queries to her PA. This 21-year-old has a PA? Very Paris Hilton. I ring Citigroup to see whether Lucy is now an ex-intern. “She hasn’t done anything wrong. It’s just . . .” The spokeswoman tails off. How about being a silly, spoilt, stuck-up, overly rich ninny? “She has everyone’s sympathy.”
Lucy’s mobile, needless to say, is switched off.

What a silly Gao