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Mark Cuban: Sharesleuth is revolutionary

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Cuban's latest is already posted. Developing...

You dont know it yet, but Chris Carey and Sharesleuth broke new ground that will result in a “business journalists employment act”.
Hedge Funds, Private investors, Mutual Funds employ analysts by the boatload. They get paid quite nicely. Those analysts spend their waking and probably a good portion of their dreaming moments trying to figure out ways to get an edge that can improve their returns.
They hire or put on contract, experts, consultants, investigators, anyone who can help them outperform their peers.
If Sharesleuth is successful, you can bet that any of the above with billions of dollars at stake will gladly hire the best and brightest business journalists they can find. Bigger the rolodex, the better. Old is the new young. Crusty is the new Yuppy. They will unleash those journalists to uncover stories that can give them an edge.
The process will be amazingly similar to what is happening with Sharesleuth. The jouralist will have more time and probably resources to go out and dig up the really good stuff than they did when they worked in traditional media. They will get to use all the investigative training and contacts they have acquired and accumulated over the years. Whatever skills they think they have, they will be get the enjoyable task of putting them to work. They will be given as many words, paragraphs or pages as it takes to convey the facts of their investigation.
Rather than turning in the story to an editor, it will go to an analyst, fund manager or investor.

For the record, we're for full employment for business journalists.

Business Journalists should be thankful
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