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Martha Stewart Keeps Today Show Promise: Cops a Plea with the SEC

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Looks like Martha wasn’t kidding around when she told the Today show that she was close to a settlement with the SEC two months ago. Today news broke that the home-maker media mogul settled an insider trading probe by agreeing to pay $195,000 and to be banned from serving as a director, CEO or financial officer of a public company for five years.
Stewart had been convicted of lying to federal prosecutors in a related investigation into 2001 sales of ImClone stock. Her Merrill Lynch broker, Perter Bacanovic, also settled with the SEC, agreeing to pay $75,000.
WIth the ImClone case finally behind her, Martha can get back to giving her full attention to being annoyingly well-organized about more important matters like holiday cookie recipes. And, to be fair, running a media company based on those recipes.

Martha Stewart to Pay $195,000 to Settle SEC Probe