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Meet Usman Shaikh, Lady Killer of ‘One Ocean View’

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The ABC “reality” series ‘One Ocean View’ got a little porny last night when alpha-male, corporate lawyer Usman scored a roll in the sheets with new cast member, sexy photographer Anelka. After their apparent biological exchange, Usman turned and whispered the sweetest words a New York lady can hear in such moments. Here’s how a DealBreaker tipster puts it:

On last night's episode of ABC's goofy reality-show/sexcapade One Ocean View, one of the main characters Usman banged one of the new ladies in the house. As they were laying in bed enjoying post-coital bliss, he announces that he is an attorney at the largest and most prominent hedge fund law firm in the city.

So which law firm does Usman work for? According to Wikipedia (and our tipster), it’s Seward & Kissel, which is indeed one of the nations leading hedge fund law firms. Sexy!
This isn’t Usman’s first time in the media spotlight. Back in May, the twenty seven year old lawyer found himself named on Page Six, as a companion of Mark Cuban’s. The two were reportedly turned away from the door of Bungalow 8 even after Cuban offered the bouncers $1000.
Usman didn’t return DealBreaker’s calls to his office. And you missed the chance to "party" with the cast of One Ocean View at some Lower East Side soul-destroying hell hole last night.
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