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More Thoughts On How To Be A Better Fugitive

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Abby Phenix, who blogs at Otherlands Equity, provides some guidance on why it was a mistake for Kobi Alexander to hide out in Sri Lanka.

Were I to need to flee the country and head some place where I could lay low for awhile, I might choose more wisely than a place where 1) as DealBreaker points out, the extradition treaty is not in my favor; 2) there isn’t an ongoing civil war; 3) I cannot leave except by plane; 4) as a tall person of Caucasian origin, I stand out drastically in comparison to the rather short population of South Asians; and 5) I’m further noticeable in a small fishing village, rather than where most of the tourists are in the city or upcountry. Perhaps Mr. Alexander just wanted a beach vacation before spending the rest of his life in prison.

Fugitive makes rookie mistakes, turning up in Sri Lanka
[Otherlands Equity]