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New Pepsi

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So Pepsi named Indra Nooyi as it’s next CEO, succeeding former marine tough guy Steve Reinemund. She will be the fifth CEO in the company’s 41 year history. Everyone says she’s very smart, and smart for real—not just because they're profiling her for being born in India and having that "brainy chick" look. She’s also supposedly good with people.
Pepsi’s done well recently by branching out into the wider junk snack food market, decreasing its dependence of sales of sugary-bubbly drinks for profits. Some folks were surprised at the timing of the announcement. Reinemund's only been at the helm since 2000 and at age 57 is only seven years Nooyi's senior. He's generally considered to have had done an excellent job running the company. Word is that Pepsi was worried they'd lose Nooyi to a competitor if she wasn't promoted quickly.

PepsiCo names Nooyi CEO, Reinemund to retire in May