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Next Week's Business Week Today

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If you currently trade securities, don’t look at the the image above too closely. Depending on its accuracy at predicting next week’s Business Week headline, you might be engaging in insider trading. After all, finding out advance information about Business Week was one of the brilliant ideas of the Insider Traders Who Couldn’t Trade Straight.
That said, you’ll probably be okay. The folks over at Media Wire Daily have pulled an Andrew Hearst and put together this faux-cover for Business Week.
As they explain their nefarious forgery:

With all the major changes rumored to be on the horizon at media giant Time Warner, with CEO Dick Parsons' alleged plans to run for mayor of New York City, we got a vision of what the Monday covers of the business weeklies will look like, mainly Businessweek.
We figured a direct and cliche headline would be what Businessweek goes with a clean shot of the new man in charge. We also figured they would probably have piece on outgoing CEO Dick Parsons' planning for his run for Mayor as well as his accomplishments and mistakes during his run at the media giant.

We had to do it: We present to you the Businessweek cover that will be
[Media Wire Daily]