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Obsessive Party Girl Lucy Gao Keeps On Emailing

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Two emails purportedly from Citigroup intern Lucy Gao have emerged in the aftermath of the world-wide forwarding of her borderline obsessive-compulsive invitation to a birthday party at the Ritz. The first is a thank you to her guests. The second is an attempt to explain her invitation—she claims it was a joke but this could just be spin control.
Please note, we cannot vouch for the authenticity of these emails, although HereIsTheCity is convinced that at least the second one is for real.
Both letters after the jump.
[And, please note, if you have an email from Lucy, please forward it our way. Contributions will be kept strictly anonymous. Tips(at)DealBreaker(dot)com. Thanks!]

Lucy Gao's thank you note.

Good morning,
THANK YOU ALL so much for Friday night, it was absolutely phenomenon and it was - like I said - the best birthday I’ve ever had!
I really hope you enjoyed the Ritz and then Pangaea, and I will get those fabulous photos to you ASAP - I’m so excited! :D
Thanks for all your generous gifts - I had the most wonderful prolonged birthday experience when I returned to the Ritz on Sat to collect the bags full of presents and cards.
Also, vielen dank Sophie for organising the magnificent cake - incredibly delicious. Thank you to my talented prime photographer Mandeep.
Thank you Citi interns for your thoughtful gifts, champagne, and those beautiful flowers (et merci beaucoup Sophie!), and all your sweet comments on my card. I was truly touched.
Thanks to my home and Oxford friends who have travelled very far to attend the joyful occasion. Much appreciated.
And last but certainly not least, many thanks to my PA for the evening, Ms Gill, couldn’t have done it without you Sanami - should consider this as a profession! ;)
I am so grateful to have friends like you and I truly hope we can all keep in touch in the future no matter where we end up.
The very special 35 of you have made my 21st Birthday one of the most memorable evenings of my life and I hope you will also cherish the great times on Friday as much as I shall.
Cheers to great memories!

And here is Lucy's post-party fallout spin.

From: Gao, Lucy [CIR]
Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2006 5:00 PM
To: *GCIB EU Summer Analyst Class
Subject: FROM the girl herself...
Hi Fellow Citigroup Interns,
Just to clear a few things up, now that it is seriously getting out of
control, it was suppose to be an internal joke between me and a couple
of my guests to my 21st Party. The actual party was great, and nothing
like it so please do not worry. I should not have used my Citigroup
email account in the first place so I apologise for that.
I am sorry if you found the content of the invitation details offensive
and I am glad to entertain. But please stop now because it is getting
really unprofessional and unnecessary, and a lot of you know me anyway
and have heard about this so I apologise for repeating this again, but
hopefully for the final time.
Cheers everyone and have a great time this evening.
See you soon.