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Okay, Fine. But Let’s Not Forget That Sharesleuth Is Actually Pretty Good.

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The critics of Sharesleuth keeppiling on. And while we’ve spent a lot of bandwidth discussing the short-the-story aspect of Mark Cuban’s Shareseluth, we thought we’d pause for a moment to remind everyone that Chris Carey’s reporting was very, very good. Deep, thorough, balanced, objective. Almost heroic. It really is first-rate financial journalism. But don’t take our word for it. Check it out for yourself.
What's more, the company's board seems to agree, at least in part. Today they announced that CEO Christopher d'Arnaud-Taylor had been ousted.
We should also note something we didn’t pick up on until today. Apparently, the profits from pre-publication stock trading will not be used to fatten Cuban’s already bloated bank account. He plans to pour the profits back into the website and use them to fund additional investigative journalism. At the very least, this helps clear away any charges that Sharesleuth is simply a way to help out Cuban’s short portfolio.
Sorry if this all seems terribly earnest. We hate to get in the way of a good brawl.