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Opening Bell: 8.24.06

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Citigroup's Robert Rubin Resigns as Ford Director
How many ways can you spell “deal in the making?” We’re not sure whether it is really going to go private or merge with another company, but Robert Rubin’s resignation from the board pretty much closes the question of whether there is a deal in the works. Doesn’t mean the deal will close but it does mean that its under discussion.

Fires stop with Apple and Dell, insists Sony

Exploding computers! How fucking bad can things get for Sony? Now its both Apple and Dell? But that’s totally, definitely it. Because the other batteries made by Sony are completely safe. Just like they thought the ones for Apple and Dell were until they started igniting.

Be prepared in case of Northwest strike

Is Northwest actually the worst airline? We’re not sure because there is a lot of competition. But we cannot recall ever flying Northwest and not feeling like we had been part of some elaborate joke about how badly a customer could be treated. How badly do Northwest airlines employees hate you? Well, they are calling their strike plan “CHAOS”—create havoc around our system. And under it, flight attendants will strike at selected airports and flight by flight. Which means you won’t know until you reach the airport whether your flight will be affected. No thanks. We’ll take an alternate carrier.