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Pan Motor Company: Was It Framed?

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Soon after publishing our reminiscence of the Pan Motor Company swindle we received an email from our Minnesota Bureau* informing us that we were simply buying into the propaganda of Big Auto. It seems that out in the wilds of the Midwest, there are still partisans of the great Pandolfo out in St. Cloud and they believe that his company was brought down by a conspiracy of eastern financiers, big auto manufacturers and aggressive, careerist federal prosecutors.
So times really never do change. There will always be failed companies. There will always be some who see the failure as a result of a swindle. And there will always be those who see it as the result of a conspiracy and the prosecution of the executives as a result of out-of-control law enforcement. Sadly, all too often both sides are right.

St. Cloud's big dream
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*That’s what we’re calling the hot Swedish girl we met in the Back Room a couple of weeks ago.