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Planespotting: Our Editor's Nighttime Activities Continue To Act As A Helpful 'How Sketchy Is It?' P-spotting Guide

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[What, pray tell, do the mud flap girls represent? A key, for the woefully misguided]
Oprah: Teterboro to Leopold Sedar Senghor Int'l (Senegal) on her Gulfstream V

(Like a J in Jerusalem).
Pfizer: Westchester Co. Airport to Nantucket Memorial on its Gulfstream V

Warren Buffett: North Eleuthera to Palm Beach Int'l on his Cessna Citation Excel

(Jeffrey? Let's just say yes. It's dirtier that way and let's call a spade a spade-- you like it like that). Epstein Enterprises: Danville Regional (VA) to Anderson Regional (SC) on his Cessna 340