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Planespotting: Scientology, Saucy Massages, et al

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John Travolta: Bangor Int'l to Hamilton Airport on his Boeing 707-100
(Bangor seemed like an odd pick for John to us, too. But when Hubbard says go, you go. No questions, no prescription drugs.)

Jeff Epstein: McCormick County(SC) to Anderson Regional (SC) (third time this month)
(ID'ing potentially nubile, willing young girls take time, people. It takes time. Palm Beach is done, over, finito. Anderson, SC means a brand new city with new faces, a new set of rules, and a new set of towels to pick out. You didn't think Eps was going to do all that on foot, did you? Time is of the essence, people. You're going to turn around and those girls are going to be sixteen. [Editors note: Are we sure this is our Jeffrey Epstein's plane and not the other guy, who is not accused of anything? Planespotter: Of course not!]

Larry Ellison: Olbia Costa Smerald to San Francisco Int'l on his Bombardier Global Express
(How's that $1.6 mm security detail working out for ya there, Lar?)


Compensation Watch ‘16: Wilmer Flores et. al.

You're not the only ones having a rough year.