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Planespotting: Talking You Down From The Ledge

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We changed things up a bit this week—in the form of more dead hookers and less labor-intensive reading—and were met with more heavy handed moans than ones indicative of pleasure. For those of you who recently learned to read, we realize this must’ve come as a relief; “Three cheers for less words cluttering up the page!” you said. However, for our Planespotting disciples out there who are not happy unless we’ve convinced credible sources that Ashlee Simpson’s pulling an Anne Frank in a SOHO loft co-owned by David Geffen and SNL flack Marci Klein, that the director of the NYSE touched Donald Trump’s wife in her bad place while vacationing in Cabo, and the like, this week was nothing short of a crock of shit. “What is this, DealBook?” you asked yourselves. DealBook, you may rest assured, it most certainly is not. So wipe those eyes and peel yourselves off the bathroom floor because next week we’ll be back with a Planespotting that not only knows how you like it but will also answer that syphilis-like burning question—who shot JR? Hint: it involves Jeffrey Epstein (obviously), Goldman Sachs, and the fact that Adrien Grenier's been fucking up Entourage lately by trying to act. Stay tuned.
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