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Podcast & Videos: Questions About New Web Biz Metrics

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Mark Cuban asks some useful questions about new web business metrics.

For podcasts, is a listen a download ? I hope not, i have several podcasts in Itunes i subscribe to, and that download every episode, but I havent listened to in a long while. A couple others I have listened to the first several seconds or minutes of, but havent really dented. How would what i just did fit into the podcasts metrics ?
In radio there is Time Spent Listening. There are quarter hours , where a radio station gets credit for someone listening for 15 minutes if they listen for 5 minutes. Are there standards for podcasts ?
Then there are videso on the net. Just what exactly is a view ? Our HDNet Trailer for an upcoming Dennis Rodman show has been viewed 2339 times. I know i have gone to the site and it has started running at least 20 times that I didnt watch it all the way through. Are those counted ? I cant find anywhere on the site that defines how views are counted. Did i miss it ?

On, videos begin playing the moment a link to the video is opened, before users can read the description of the video to get an idea of its length, content or origins. If each of these click-throughs counts as a view, despite the fact that many users probably hit stop or click away from an unwanted video before watching most of it, then YouTube’s view rates would be highly inflated. It's also highly annoying, especially if you tend to browse with multiple browser windows or tabs open.
Is a view the same as a hit ??? [BlogMaverick]