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Pretty Much Most of the News That's Fit to Print So Long As It's Not About Jeffrey Epstein

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It’s three o’clock already and we haven’t even mentioned Jeffrey Epstein. We’d feel like we were neglecting our journalistic duties but that might make the nice folks at New York Times feel lazy. They’ve never once mentioned Jeffrey Epstein since the sex scandal broke, as Jossip points out.

So, fine. We are going to be obsessive …And we are going to point out — yet again — that a very rich and powerful man was accused of some really terrible things ... and the New York Times has officially let a week go by without a single mention of his name.

Come on, Jossip. That's unfair. We’re sure they mean to get around to the story. It’s just so hard to find room in the paper when it is so packed with hard news.

Jeffrey Epstein Still Immune From New York Times Coverage: Day 7