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Risky Business

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Jeff Matthews wonders if the stories of Tom Cruise’s heroics raise questions about his credibility and writes it up in the form of a ‘decline to participate’ letter.

During the course of our due-diligence process (which in my case consisted of reading Page Six of the New York Post religiously), we discovered a number of disconcerting episodes in which you felt the need to—let’s be kind—inflate your resume with a number of tales of heroics you supposedly performed outside the movie theater.
Like the time you were filming in New Zealand and, according to your publicist, helped a family change a flat tire on a country road—and then “assisted a young girl in catching her runaway horse.”
(What, precisely, did you do? Rope the poor beast from your private helicopter?)
Or the time, a few years before the horse-wrangling episode, you supposedly helped a woman being mugged “on a London street and stopped thieves from making off with more than $150,000 in jewelry.”
Hello, Tom, you’re one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world, with bodyguards 24/7, so what happened—the thieves dropped the jewelry and asked for your autograph?

Dear Tom
[Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up]