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ShareSleuth Hits the Interwebs

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We’re been waiting for ShareSleuth’s first article to get posted ever since it was announced. The entire project appeals to us. And not just the do-gooder parts. Exposing fraud and corporate mismanagement is fine and all, if you go in for that sort of thing. But we have to admit we’re not-so-secretly attracted to the ‘greed is good’ aspect of Mark Cuban’s pre-publication trading on the stocks he’s writing about. We’re not sure if it’s legal. We’re not sure if it’s ethical. We’re not sure its good business journalism. We’re not sure if it’s even a good business plan.
But it’s certainly innovative, ballsy and at least Mark Cuban and Chris Carey are exposing alleged fraud and corporate misdeeds rather than exposing themselves to fourteen year olds!
Gary Weiss is somewhat more disapproving. But he’s probably a better person than we are. Today he goes through Cuban’s “I shorted this piece of crap” disclaimer attached to the end of Chris Carey’s first report.

Mark Cuban's Excellent Trade