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The Ghost of Ken Lay Moves One Step Closer to Innocence

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Ken Lay’s soul moved a bit further up the ladder of legal purgatory yesterday when a judge approved a motion by the lawyer expected to represent him in his appeals. Attorney Samuel Buffone had asked the court to substitute Ken Lay’s estate for the man himself, the first step in having the jury verdict against Lay for his role in the collapse of Enron vacated. Since Lay died before sentencing, his verdict was never considered final and legal precedent suggests it may now be vacated. Apparently, you cannot issue a final verdict against a dead man, so Lay moves one step closer to the paradise of technical innocence.
Of course, the perfect timing of Lay’s death has sparked rumors that Lay faked his death or brought it about intentionally. If the verdict is vacated, it will make it more difficult for prosecutors to confiscate his assets. This may mean Lay’s heirs will be able to enjoy the gains from the activities for which the jury convicted him.

Ruling lets lawyers move on effort to clear Lay
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