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The Interns Look Good With Hot Dogs In Their Mouths

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The New York Observer checks in with the mandatory end-of-summer story of “what the interns did this summer.” It’s pretty standard stuff—coke references, expensive drinks in fancy clubs and late hours. This story from a “young fellow at JP Morgan”, however, was a new one for us:

“On my floor, there were two interns,” he said. “So the V.P. proposed a hot-dog-eating contest. So the challenge was to eat 15 dirty-water dogs in 20 minutes and to hold it down for an hour. There were lots of bets placed and taken. We stood to make about $200 each if we succeeded. After about 10 hot dogs, the other intern started looking sick and ran off to the bathroom. I managed to finish and regretted it for the rest of the day. So disgusting. But at least I got the cash.”

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