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Today in Jeffrey Epstein: He Thinks You Are An Insect.

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We feel awful for letting you down yesterday. An entire day without a post on Jeffrey Epstein. No one should have to tolerate that kind of neglect. Unless, you know, they get their news from the New York Times.
A blogger at Verum Serum asks whether Epstein’s interest in alternatives to evolutionary psychology and the work of E.O. Wilson might offer an insight into his alleged behavor:

My question about all this is simple. Is there a connection between the two threads in Jeffrey Epstein’s life? Between his scientific beliefs about human nature and his behavior toward women (and girls)? Put another way, when you see people as something akin to insects, does that alter your behavior toward them? When you see human trust and kindness as merely adaptive behaviors, does that render you less trustworthy or less kind?

We’ll answer all four questions. Yes. Yes. Yes. No.

Patron of Evolutionary Science Kept Sex Slave
[Verum Serum]