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Towards A Hotter, Sleeker DealBreaker

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Like most New Yorkers in the grip of a slowly deflating housing bubble, we're all about gratuitous renovations. If it ain't broke, then make it even more not broken. So in addition to the more reader-friendly increased column width, we've added a few new toys features to the site. A sampling:
·The Forum. If there's not enough to do in the comments section, you can now start your own discussions completely independent of our 12-15 daily chunks of commentary, news and Jeffrey Epstein updates. (Registration can be anonymous.) Why work on comps for an improbable LBO if you can debate NewKeynesian666 on whether $50 bills burn better than c-notes? We're just saying. To register, click HERE
Naturally, we reserve the right to indulge our god complexes and delete your posts (or ban users) for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to: we thought the post was off-topic, the post was promoting Internet Viagra, or we were bored and deleting users is MUAHAHAHA ... fun. That said, we're extremely lazy totalitarians and aren't inclined to delete anything unless extremely provoked. Or bored.
·Email this and most emailed. Good for sending Bess Levin's Planespottings to their subjects and spamming your friends with viral intern emails and barely-safe-for-work Write-Off links.
·Recent comments. Now you don't have to click repeatedly on the same posts because you can't remember how many comments were there a few hours ago. Encouraging Your Laziness Every Step of the Way™
Of course, a few things were sadly lost in our redesign. Our status as The Website With The Biggest Logo on The Internet, for example. Goodbye, Big Swinging DealBreaker logo.
Also: We're debugging, so if anything looks weird or isn't showing up correctly in your browser, let us know. Tips AT Dealbreaker DOT com.