Value Added 8/4: Billionaire hotties, cold hearted women and the best personal assistant ever.


If you've made it this far it means you somehow survived the heatwave. Here are some of the original DealBreaker refreshments we served up to keep you cool this week.
Planespotting: Bess Levin finally loses it. Unfortunately, the inventor of psychology has defected to the scientologists and so no help is available.
Reader Poll: Amanda Hearst gets you all hot and bothered.
Investigation: DealBreaker discovers the identity of One Ocean View's Lauren.
Planespotting: Mel on Mel.
Liveblogging: We watch Hank Paulson so you don't have to.

What do John Mack and Jeffrey Epstein have in common?

Meet Sarah Kellen, Jeffrey Epstein's dirty, dirty assistant.