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Was Andrew Young Right?

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We interrupt the official two-minute hate directed against former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young to bring you the sobering thoughts of Steve Sailer, who reminds us that:

[E]ven for food and dry goods, Young is right that African-Americans would have perfectly rational reasons for preferring a Wal-Mart in their neighborhood to "vibrant" immigrant-run corner shops.
Wal-Mart provides a much wider selection at much lower prices. As Matt Fellowes of the Brookings Institute has noted in an op-ed entitled The High Price of Being Poor [Los Angeles Times, July 23, 2006], in black and Hispanic Compton, California,
"Instead of large, modern grocery stores, there are more than 200 tiny bodegas, which generally charge higher prices."
So it’s a good thing that major retail chains have been expanding to black neighborhoods in recent years as the crime rate has come down.

Andrew Young Was Right, Not That Anyone Dare Admit It