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Where In The World Is Kobi Alexander?

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Here at DealBreaker headquarters we have enjoyed playing the game of "Where In the World is Kobi Alexander." Tipsters have written to say he is in Israel. Others have written to say that he left Israel for Switzerland, hoping to take advantage of the laws that protected Marc Rich for so many years. Now word comes from the Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv that Alexander may be hiding in the Sri Lankan fishing village of Nagomba Sri Lanka.
Apparently an Israeli private investigator was hired by a hedge fund to track down the fugitive former Comverse chief executive, and found him in Sri Lanka after Alexander made an internet phone call to relatives in Israel. A US spokesman in Tel Aviv has confirmed that the FBI is investigating whether Alexander is in Sri Lanka.
There are a few open questions in the story. First and foremost, which hedge fund hired the private investigator to track down Alexander. Second, can Alexander be extradited from Sri Lanka? Third, how did the private detective trace Alexander’s phone calls. Finally, what’s wrong at the FBI that it took a private investigator to track down one of America’s most wanted men?
FBI Checks Report on Comverse's Ex-Chief Alexander