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Whores At Lunch, Strippers After Hours

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We’re not sure why we couldn’t find this in any of US papers. Is it against some code of financial journalism ethics to write about after work trips to strip clubs and whores on the trading floor?
Britian’s Telegraph is reporting that a federal trial judge in New York has ruled that the raciest allegations of a group of women suing Dresdner Kleinwort for under-paying women may be used as evidence of discriminatory intent. Dresdner Kleinwort had sought to suppress the allegations on the grounds that the suit doesn’t allege sexual harassment, and so the whole whoreiness of its traders shouldn’t be an issue.

The claim brought in the US in January against Dresdner included references to after-hours trips to strip clubs and allegations of sexual banter in the office.
Among the details Dresdner attempted to strike from the claim included an allegation that a male managing director of the bank brought prostitutes into the office during lunch hour.

Judge halts DK's bid to exclude sex allegation