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YouTube's Paris Hilton Video

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The first corporate sponsored YouTube channel is up, and it’s doing…pretty well. Two videos—one an introduction to the Paris channel and the other a “making of” video about a song on the heiresses new album—are on the most viewed page, with a total of nearly 700,000 views. Both, however, sit behind YouTube’s most viewed video today—a one minute, twenty-second clip of a bald, round-faced man in glasses who combines Mentos and Diet Coke in his mouth with explosive effect. YouTube can plaster their site with all the banner ads they want but it seems the YouTube users still crave the same thing they always have—quirky, personal videos of people doing unusual things.
One thing we’ve noticed, however, is that the Paris Hilton videos load very, very quickly. This raises the possibility that YouTube has tweaked its system to privilege the sponsors videos. As online video fans are some of the staunchest proponents of “net neutrality”—regulations or principles which would forbid internet providers from favoring some websites with greater bandwidth access than others—this creates a dilemma. If it’s okay for YouTube to favor it’s sponsors with more bandwidth or faster loading times, why shouldn’t TimeWarner be able to favor its sponsors in similar ways? YouTube did not respond to email inquiries on this issue.

YouTube and Paris Hilton