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After Hours: Hanging Out With Abby Joseph Cohen

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Goldman Sachs’s Abby Joseph Cohen hits the 92nd Street Y tonight to let the audience know something about “The Next Phase in the Economic and Market Cycle.” Has the age past when Cohen’s market predictions had the added advantage of being self-fullfilling? (For a while it seemed that there were lots of investors who just did whatever Cohen told them to, making her market calls almost tautologically true.)
In any case,Cohen’s a well known perma-bull, so don’t even bother with boring questions about where the market is heading (up! up! and away!). Instead ask her whether she thought Michael Milken was a hunk when she was working at Drexel Burnham Lambert. Why does she still live in Queens? What was Cornell like in the sixties? Keep Abby on her toes!
Abby Joseph Cohen on Forbes Most Powerful Women List [92Y Blog]



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