Alexis Glick: Seriously Foxy


Alexis Glick probably has mixed feelings about this whole Fox News Channel thing. We don't.
While she's no doubt happy to have landed a new gig—and to be in line to be a big shot at the fabled Fox Business News channel—we’re sure Alexis would have loved to have inherited Katie Couric’s post on the Today show. For one thing, there’s the potential to make serious money hosting America’s most popular morning show.
For our part, we’re glad she didn’t get the post. Alexis is one of our favorite business reporters. She was terrific both at CNBC and on the Today show. She radiated a confidence and credibility bred from experience actually working in finance. Her resume includes Goldman, Morgan Stanley, and actually managing floor operations at the NYSE. As a the host of Today all this would have been wasted on the stupidity of the network morning programming—fashion shows, marriages, cooking lessons. Ugh. It hurts us to even think about it.
So we’re happy to see she’s landed back where she belongs—working in business journalism. We only hope that this new management position doesn't keep her off the air for too long.

Alexis Glick Joins FOX News Channel
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