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Amaranth Meltdown Roundup

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So much Amaranth news and commentary, so little attention-span. Fortunately, DealBreaker is here to deliver a quick round-up of today’s Amaranth news.
•There’s a domino loss effect going on at Amaranth. The fund was forced to sell half of its European loan portfolio to cover to cover the natural gas trading losses. The arranging banks bought these back at 96 to 96.5 percent of face value, delivering a two percent loss after fees. The losses could be even worse, depending on how much leverage Amaranth used to buy the loans. [Reuters]
•San Diego County’s pension fund may have been hit hard by Amaranth’s losses. The pension fund had about $160 million invested in Amaranth. [New York Times in Sydney Morning Herald]
•Amaranth’s clearing house is not in trouble, according to NYMEX. Anyone know which clearing house Amaranth uses? [Dow Jones Newswire in the New York Sun]
•Reuters profiles Brian Hunter. [Reuters]
•Chris Cox says Amaranth is a reminder of hedge fund risks. [Reuters]
•Amaranth’s losses seem to have given Cinram International Income Fund the balls to stand up to its largest shareholder. Yesterday it publicly rejected calls from Amaranth to put itself up for sale. Cinram Rejects Amaranth's Request to Hire Adviser [Bloomberg]
•Man Group fund exposed to Amaranth losses. It had 2.35 percent of its assets in Amaranth. Man business hit by Amaranth losses. [Times]
•Amaranth says it has reached an agreement to transfer all of its energy trades to a third party. Anyone know who? [Bloomberg]
•Funds of funds opeated by Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Bank of New York and Deutsche Bank all recently had stakes in Amaranth ranging from 4 percent to seven percent of their assets. [New York Times]
•Amaranth’s meltdown is “not entirely unrelated” to Long-Term Capital [Jeff Matthews In Not Making This Up]