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Amaranth Meltdown Roundup, Part II

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It’s been…what…an hour-and-a-half since we wrote about the Amaranth debacle? We’re sorry for leaving you in the dark for so long when so much is happening. Here’s the second part of our Amaranth Roundup for today.
•You knew it wouldn’t be long before the white hat of Johnny Lawman appeared coming over the crest of the hills, right? Connecticut Attorney-General Richard Blumenthal has raised the specter of “alleged representations” by Amaranth. His office is in the process of gathering evidence. Everyone’s friggin’ Eliot Spitzer these days. [Globe & Mail]
•And, of course, Congress is looking to get into the action. Amaranth’s troubles may prompt lawmakers to renew the push to regulate hedge funds. []
•A Goldman Sachs fund listed on the London Stock Exchange was in to Amaranth to the tune of $25 million, about 5% of the firm’s total office. [Reuters]
•3M’s pension fund was in to Amaranth too. [Bloomberg]
•Moody's says Amaranth’s loses will not risk the credit ratings of dealers who dealt with the hedge fund. [Reuters]