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Another Head Rolls At Airbus

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The man who led Airbus’s super jumbo-jet program whose troubles this June helped crush the share price in its parent company, EADS, is finally out. His departure follows the resignation of Airbus’s chief executive, Gustav Humbert, and the French co-chairman of the parent, Noel Forgeard. Whether or not the super jumbo-jet ever pays off for the company, it has been an absolute disaster for most of the executives involved in it.
Note the headline from the International Herald Tribune story below. Shouldn't it work exactly the opposite way. Retention of managers who make bad decisions and fail to execute on company plans should add to a company's woes. The fact that executives have left or been forced out, however, at least indicates that the company is taking its problems seriously…if a bit slowly.

Executive shuffle adds to Airbus's woes
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