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Apple & Sun Merger: Not So Much

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John Dvorak kicked up quite a dust storm by speculating that seating Google’s Eric Schmidt on Apple’s board might precurse (is that a verb?) an merger with Sun. Jeff Matthews calls bullshit on that idea.

Eric Schmidt is a guy who for one brief shining moment after leaving Sun had one of the biggest stacks of chips at the high-tech poker table, when he was CEO of Novell during its late-1990 glory days. Then Microsoft came along and destroyed Novell’s networking franchise in about as much time as it takes to say “I call.”
After Schmidt spent what must have seemed like a couple of decades, but was in fact only a year or two, missing earnings, laying off engineers and taking hits from Wall Street’s Finest, he left Novell, took his few remaining chips and went all-in by taking a job as CEO of a funky little search engine called Google.
And as everybody including Dvorak knows by now, Eric Schmidt drew an inside royal straight flush on the river card at the final Texas Hold ‘Em table at Binion’s. For one thing, he's a billionaire; for another thing, he runs what many people think is the coolest, most revolutionary, and most zealously missionary technology company in the world right now.
So Eric Schmidt is going to give up all that (excepting the billion dollars) in order to figure out which software engineer from Sun should get which cubicle in Cupertino?
I don’t think so.

Two thoughts. One: OMG! John Dvorak's still alive? Two: OMG! John Dvorak's still alive!

Is an Apple-Sun merger in the works?