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As It Turns Out, Amaranth Founder's Childhood Neighbors Like Him

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We love the media cliché where you go and ask a murderer’s neighbors about him and they say, “He was a quiet boy. Kept to himself. I can’t believe he did anything like this.” We love it because it is so reliable. Happens almost every time.
Another reason for our love: because it is so creepy. Who doesn’t have a quiet neighbor who keeps to themselves?
So we’re hoping that this new one catches on. It’s the one where you ask the childhood friends of a financial bigshot to speculate on his finance prowess. Completely, wonderfully inane.
Anyway, here’s the Stamford Advocate’s version inspired by the meltdown of Nick Maounis’s Amaranth hedge fund.

Can Maounis lead Amaranth back? Rose said the boy who grew up next door is up for the challenge.
"I've been a neighbor for a long time, and I really have the utmost respect for his accomplishments."

Hedge fund founder was 'just plain Nicky' at Westhill
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