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As It Turns Out, Jeffrey Epstein Actually Exists

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There were a few moments now and then when we started to wonder whether we were hallucinating Jeffrey Epstein. After all, if the New York Times wasn’t reporting on the story it couldn’t really be happening, could it? This is the paper that printed dozens upon dozens of articles on the Augusta National Golf Club’s exclusion of women—complete with howler headlines breaking non-news such as “CBS Refuses Not To Show Masters”—and if they’ve got room for that sort of thing, surely at some point over the summer they might have found room to print one story about the prostitution charges against the mysterious money manager. The only explanation could be that it wasn’t really happening.
So you can imagine our relief Sunday morning when we woke up to discover that we had been right all along. The Jeffrey Epstein story is happening. It is news worthy. It is fit to print. And we know all this because it is, finally, in the New York Times.
Questions of Preferential Treatment Are Raised in Sex Case Against Money Manager
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