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Doubledown Media, the company that brought you Trader Monthly is now bringing you Banker Monthly. Except that it's called Dealmaker. (You can't start a Wall Street pub these days without including "deal" in the title.) The new pub will include a Top Investment Banker list, much like Trader Monthly's annual Top Traders list and presumably, photos of smug twentysomethings in questionable suits posing in front of the requisite sports-car-and-hot-babe combo, also a la Trader Monthly.** We're told that TM contracts the Top Traders list out to the same people who do the Forbes 400 list, which would seem to be a good thing, but we don't really get their methodology for the Top Bankers list:

“By polling private equity firms, we will have a list of who the top guys are and who gets the phone calls when a company needs to go public, needs financing or advisory services,” Mr. Lane said.

We guess that's one way to do it (if a somewhat arbitary way to do it.) On the upside, it's one more data point to shamelessly manipulate on the league tables page of the pitchbook.
** We're just speculating about the last bit. We don't know what the cover will look like. And the last prototype we saw for a new biz pub was the mockup for Conde Nast Portfolio, which unexpectedly looked vaguely like Architectural Digest. So what do we know.
Magazine to Focus on How Bankers Make It and Spend It [NYTimes]