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Biz School Dean Arrested On Drug Charges

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The government wants you to think that doing drugs will inevitably make you a loser with no friends and no job prospects. Then it goes and arrests the dean of the the Business School of the University of San Diego on drug charges, which kind of disproves that whole drugs will totally ruin your life thing.

A dean at the University of San Diego was arrested and is facing drug charges after authorities say he met with a suspected drug trafficker at an Ohio hotel.
Mohsen Anvari, 57, dean of the University's School of Business Administration, was taken into custody at the Hilton Inn in Beachwood, Ohio, on Saturday by officers who were conducting an ongoing narcotics investigation, the Beachwood Police Department said.
Anvari was charged with complicity to possess drugs, police said.
Also arrested was 45-year-old Eric M. Edwards of East Cleveland who was being charged with drug trafficking.
Authorities would not say what types of drugs were involved.

Anyone want to guess what drugs were involved? The Business school connection would suggest cocaine. San Diego kind of indicates the pot. The ages of both the dean and his dealer, however, argues for pain-killers. Meanwhile, Iranian origins suggest opium.


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