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Bond Biz Hottie Contest: Only One Day Left For Nominations!

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Okay. Fine. We get it. Some of you find DealBreaker’s Bond Biz Hotties Contest—our totally, almost but not really at all scientific quest for the most attractive bond traders, sales folks and operations peeps—a little bit creepy. And that’s okay! As Abovethelaw's David Lat says, “To each her own. The blogosphere is a very big place.”
More importnatly, we’re getting plenty of nominations, which means many of you think this is a very, very good idea. We’re totally excited that you’re excited about the contest! May the hottest win!
So we’re giving you one last warning. The window for nominations closes tomorrow: Thursday, September 21, at 5 p.m. (Eastern time).
So, if you've been meaning to nominate a hot bond biz babe or bud but haven't gotten around to it, don't delay! Send us that nomination ASAP, by email (subject line: "Bond Hotties"). Guidelines for making nominations are listed here.