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Bond Biz Hotties

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It had to happen sooner or later. The nomination phase of our Bond Biz Hotties Contest is quickly drawing to a close. We are setting a deadline for nominations: Wednesday, at 5 PM.
You still have time to submit your favorites. Remember this contest is open to anyone in the bond business. Sales, trading, even back-office administration. So get your nominations in now. Don’t delay!
A request: The nominations are coming up a bit short when it comes to the ladyfolks. So please send in some female nominations.
Here’s a quick reminder of the rules.
And a quick note: You don’t need anyone’s permission to nominate him or her. In fact, you probably shouldn’t even tell your hotties you are nominating them. You see, we have an iron rule that we will not honor requests from the nominees that they be removed from the contest. So go on and nominate those hotties. They can’t do a thing about it. (We're even going to keep the identities of the nominators secret unless they request otherwise.)
Well, that’s just about everything you need to know about the first ever DealBreaker Hottie Contest. Just send us more nominations for America's hottest bond boys and girls, by email (to tips AT dealbreaker DOT com, subject line: "Bond Hottie"). Thanks in advance for your submissions!