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Bond Trader/Sales Hotties: Still Time To Get Those Nominations In

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We’ve already had to disqualify one nominee, Allison K Schieffelin, the lead plaintiff in 2004’s sexual discrimination case against Morgan Stanley. Schieffelin got $12 million from that deal, so we’ve decided that her life is good enough as it is without also getting awarded the title hottie. (Also, she’s an effin litigious little thing, isn’t she? We’re afraid we’ll get sued and lose the DealBreaker yacht.)
Anyway, we’re still confident our little contest is going to be a huge hit. But we’ve decided to expand the field to include not just bond traders but sales as well. And since we’re feeling a bit crazy in this shortened week, we’ll open it up to anyone having anything to do with bonds.
If you've been meaning to nominate a hot bondster but haven't gotten around to it, don't delay! Send us that nomination ASAP, by email (subject line: "Bond Hotties").
PS: If you need a reminder of the rules, we’ve laid them out for you right here.