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DealBook, The Abridged Version (9.14.06)

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Small private investigator firm scrutinized for role in HP scandal [legal]
Former Fannie Mae chief may be hit with civil suit [legal]
Former NYSE trader accused of fraud takes the stand in his own defense [legal]
Direct mail merger meltdown to go to trial in December [legal]
NYSE fines Citigroup for rogue trader [legal]
M&A: [? = not yet closed, problems with the deal, lingering questions, etc.]
British private equity group Doughty building television empire that may include Scottish Media Group and UTV
Metrologic Instruments announces a breakup fee of $27.4 million if a buyout deal falls apart
For Sale/ LBOs/ Going Private/ Auctions/ Offerings:
Andarko selling Canadia unit [For sale?]
Premier drops out of United Biscuits auction [Auction]
People & Moves:
Is Carlos Ghosn really all that?[CEO]
Ethics chief at Department of Interior fails to find any [Goverment]
How Australia’s Macquarie Bank became an infrastructure fund [infrastructure]
Legislation introduced to assure that the London Stock Exchange won’t be subject to US market regs if taken over by NASDAQ [Exchange]
The end of the road for the Town Car [Auto]
The coming bonus bonanza [Bonus]