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DealBook, The Abridged Version (9.20.06)

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US regulators visit E&Y’s London office for SOX inspection [SOX]
Tribune hit with shareholder lawsuit [legal]
Silicon Grapics gets court approval to exit bankruptcy [legal]
H-P said to have studied spying on newsrooms [legal]
Citigroup operator tapped as AIG chief [legal]
Broadcom CFO resigns over backdating [backdating]
SEC clarifies backdating accounting [legal]
MBAs are cheaters [MBAs]
MySpace going to China [China]
[Note: This is an extremely abridged version of DealBook today. The servers at the Times seem to be having problems this morning. After the jump you can read DealBook's error message. Come on, Andrew! Get the site up!]
[Update: All the New York Times blogs are down. So it looks like it's not just our beloved DealBook that is offline right now.]


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