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Fed Speak Circa 1968

Actually we have no idea what year Fed chief Ben Bernanke wrote his “Hippie Dictionary.” But we’re glad he did. It’s actually quite good, and nicely post-modern with its inter-textual self-referentiality. Here are the excerpts reprinted by Bloomberg.

Bird -- a lady as in ``cute chick'' or ``henpecked''

Dig -- to like, to enjoy, as ``The hippie undertaker digs his work.''

Down trip -- a drag

Drag -- a down trip

Hang-up -- a neurosis or fetish

In gear -- the cat's pajamas

Lie-In -- a form of peaceful protest that often fails when demonstrators go to sleep

Square -- someone who stays home New Year's Eve to hear Guy Lombardo play ``Auld Lang Syne''

Straight -- as in ``stiff'' (see ``dig'')

Swing -- what someone does who thinks Guy Lombardo is a football coach (see square)

Trip -- a rocket flight without the rocket

Bernanke's Hippie Dictionary Updated: Caroline Baum [Bloomberg]
[Note: Apparently, Bernanke's dictionary was originally published in connection with a school play. The Dillon Herald published excerpts from the dictionary in honor of Ben Bernanke Day, and we picked it up from a Bloomberg story we came across while reading Eddy Elfenbein's Crossing Wall Street.]