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Fed Speak Circa 1968

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Actually we have no idea what year Fed chief Ben Bernanke wrote his “Hippie Dictionary.” But we’re glad he did. It’s actually quite good, and nicely post-modern with its inter-textual self-referentiality. Here are the excerpts reprinted by Bloomberg.

Bird -- a lady as in ``cute chick'' or ``henpecked''

Dig -- to like, to enjoy, as ``The hippie undertaker digs his work.''

Down trip -- a drag

Drag -- a down trip

Hang-up -- a neurosis or fetish

In gear -- the cat's pajamas

Lie-In -- a form of peaceful protest that often fails when demonstrators go to sleep

Square -- someone who stays home New Year's Eve to hear Guy Lombardo play ``Auld Lang Syne''

Straight -- as in ``stiff'' (see ``dig'')

Swing -- what someone does who thinks Guy Lombardo is a football coach (see square)

Trip -- a rocket flight without the rocket

Bernanke's Hippie Dictionary Updated: Caroline Baum [Bloomberg]
[Note: Apparently, Bernanke's dictionary was originally published in connection with a school play. The Dillon Herald published excerpts from the dictionary in honor of Ben Bernanke Day, and we picked it up from a Bloomberg story we came across while reading Eddy Elfenbein's Crossing Wall Street.]