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Frank Quattrone’s Got Wall Street Veins A-Throbbing

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We’re irrationally exuberant about Frank Quattrone getting back into the game. We almost want to send him our resume and try to sign on for another round deal making. This Fortune article doesn’t do much to quell our excitement.

For years the three men were by far the most powerful bankers in Silicon Valley. Both Boutros and Brady now occupy top positions at Credit Suisse - Boutros represented Pixar in its $7.4 billion sale to Disney - but it's thought that they would jump at the chance to join Quattrone in a new venture. And Quattrone may seek to recruit other former colleagues from Credit Suisse and elsewhere.
One story making the rounds is that someone asked Eric Varvel, co-head of investment banking at Credit Suisse, whether he was concerned about Quattrone's luring away talent. Varvel, famously unflappable, feigned indifference - but a vein on his neck throbbed noticeably. Quattrone and Credit Suisse declined to comment.

That deet about the throbbing vein is awesome. How do you deny you throbbed?
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