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Grasso Makes It Personal (With Us)

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In a move that we find to be offensively below the belt, as it were, Dick Grasso tried unsuccessfully yesterday to remove Judge Charles E. Ramos-- Chuckles, to us-- from his trial versus New York attorney general, Eliot Spitzer. Pint-size Dick (seriously, the guy's like 5'2") claimed that Ramos was too involved in the case, citing the fact that his résumé had been circulated not once but twice to the NYSE by a placement service. Ramos, because he's freaking awesome, gave Dick the proverbial finger and denied the motion. Spitzer, who's got his panties in a bunch over the former NYSE chair's compensation package, called Mr. Grasso's attempt "deceitful, disingenuous and dishonest."
[Full disclosure: We've got a well-documented thing for Charles Ramos]
Judge in Grasso Pay Lawsuit Refuses to Remove Himself [New York Times]