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H-P: Passing the Buck All The Way Around

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DealBook this afternoon provides a good guide to who blamed whom for the excesses of Hewlett-Packard's leak investigation. You get a good picture of why lawmakers seemed so frustrated yesterday by just comparing what Pattie Dunn said to what the executives at the company are saying.

Patricia Dunn
Position: Chairwoman
Still at the firm? No
What she says: Said she did not supervise the investigation and that, until six months ago, she believed that private phone records could be obtained legally by simply calling the phone company and asking for them. Suggested that she relied on Hewlett-Packard chief financial officer Bob Wayman for his “recommendations as to how the security issues at the board level […] could best be handled.” (See Bob Wayman, below.)

Bob Wayman

Position: Chief financial officer
Still with the firm? Yes
What he says: An H.P. spokesman told Reuters that “to the best of our knowledge, Bob Wayman had no involvement whatsoever in this leak investigation.”

He Said, She Said, and They Won’t Say