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Hand Over Mutha-Effin-Fist: VCs Raking It In

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Forget what you hear about it being to late to get into venture capital. People will tell you that, having missed the glory days of 1999, there’s no point in going into it these days. They’re full of it. In fact, they’re probably venture-capitalists themselves and just want to keep you out of the competition. The Wall Street Journal today reports that pay for V.C.’s shot up 35% this year. And this was supposedly a rough year for venture capital outfits.

Pay for venture capitalists is up 35% this year, with senior partners at venture firms earning nearly $1.5 million a year and managing general partners raking in almost $2 million. The average employee -- comprising lower-level analysts, associates and even office managers as well as the top earners -- is expected to haul in $777,000 this year in salary, bonus for 2005 and investment profits, according to a new study from Holt Private Equity Consultants and Dow Jones Private Equity Analyst, a trade publication.

Venture Firms Are Doling Out Large Pay Deals [Wall Street Journal]


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